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Social Security Disability benefits provide financial support for those who cannot work for a year or longer because of physical or mental impairments. Catastrophic accidents, organ transplants and psychiatric conditions can prevent your ability to work and earn a living, which can leave you facing financial hardships. Private disability can pay you for a short-term or partial disability, but if you are disabled for 12 months or longer, you can apply for Social Security Disability insurance.

Social Security benefits are based on the concept that while you are working, you pay taxes into the Social Security system. If you become disabled, then you, your spouse and your dependent children may receive monthly benefits based on your earnings history. In addition, in the event of a death, surviving beneficiaries may collect benefits.

Not everyone qualifies for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration’s definition of a ‘disability’ is very strict and will ultimately be determined by one of their medical experts, not your own doctor. Because 70 percent of applicants are initially denied these benefits, it is important that you have a qualified Social Security Disability benefits attorney on your side, fighting for your right to financial assistance.

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The Social Security Disability benefit lawyers at Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming have more than 40 years of experience and have represented clients at over 18,000 SSD hearings. Although you are not required to hire an attorney to assist you at your disability hearing, statistics reveal that your chances of winning your claim are twice as high when you are represented by an attorney. Many times claimants do not realize they need an attorney until they receive their denial letter. Qualifying for SSD benefits is not an easy task, especially when attempting the process alone.

Roughly 60 percent of those who are initially denied benefits are able to qualify at a hearing with an administrative law judge. This is during the second appeal process.  You may appeal a total of four times.

The SSD lawyers at Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming take pride in representing disabled individuals who have suffered an injury or mental impairment and have been denied their right to collect disability benefits. We understand that denial of these important benefits can leave you without a source of income, and threaten your livelihood.

If you or someone you love has been denied disability benefits, please contact the qualified Social Security Disability benefit attorneys at Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming today. Our experienced SSD lawyers will fight for your rights and help you collect the insurance benefits you deserve. Please contact our law firm today. We help claimants throughout the Western United States.